Holman Dorpers

Our History

We discovered dorpers on our trip to South Africa in 2000. While impressed with the thrifty and productive traits they displayed on native range, we were blown away by the dorper meat our hosts served us. We were certain such a superior end product would help the dorper breed find a market in the USA. Today our herd consists of 150 head of fullblood dorper ewes. The majority of our sheep are sold at the ranch although we do market our sheep in association sales. The Holman Ranch is located 25 miles south of Sonora, Texas. The terrain is rolling limestone hills with live oak, cedar and mesquite. Our dorpers share the ranch with angora goats and beef cattle.

The Holman Ranch was established in 1906 and has continued as a family-owned and operated working ranch today. When one considers the scope and vastness of the 9,000 acre Holman Ranch, it is easy to understand why the Holmans demand the traits of hardiness and high maternal instinct in their animals. Holman Dorpers are ranch-raised and ranch-hardy. Holman Dorpers must be able to travel the countryside, forage on their own and lamb unassisted.

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